Welcome to the AEROPA project page, powered by CÆLIS. In this web you can access data related with the project AEROPA funded by the Spanish Ministry for Research and Innovation whose title is "Caracterización de las observaciones de aerosoles en Europa de la red AERONET para su uso dentro de los objetivos de la red EMEP" (CGL2009-09740).

The data provided through this website are intended for aerosol researchers:

  • Browse AERONET site climatology (optical depth, aerosol type classification, average optical and microphysical properties…)
  • Graph tool
  • Mapping tool

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Please note: all data used here are provided by AERONET. The usage of such data is subject to the AERONET data policy.

Data policy: if you use AEROPA in your investigations, we kindly ask you to include the following acknowledgment in the corresponding publications or dissemination activities: "The authors thank the Group of Atmospheric Optics, Valladolid University, for the provision of the CÆLIS tool (www.caelis.uva.es) used in this publication. The finantial support by Spanish MICINN through the project CGL2009-09740 [AEROPA] is gratefully acknowledged."

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