* What is CÆLIS? CÆLIS is a software tool designed to help in the management of large data sets and the related research activity. It uses state-of-the-art programming tools and frameworks based on freeware.

* Who has developed this tool? CÆLIS has been fully developed by the Group of Atmospheric Optics, Valladolid University (GOA-UVa). This group is devoted to the investigation of atmospheric components (aerosol particles, water vapour, ozone, etc.) with optical in situ and remote sensing techniques.

In this web page you can find information and data from several scientific projects carried out by GOA-UVa:

RIMA-AERONET: management of the RIMA calibration facility, federated to AERONET.

AEROPA: project devoted to the investigation of aerosol properties over Europe.

Please note: most of the content is restricted to registered users. If you want to access any of the projects, please register here.

Data policy: if you use CÆLIS in your investigations, we kindly ask you to include the following acknowledgment in the corresponding publications or dissemination activities: "The authors thank the Group of Atmospheric Optics, Valladolid University, for the provision of the CÆLIS tool (www.caelis.uva.es) used in this publication". Depending on the project, other specific acknowledgments may be requested. Please find the information in the front page of each specific project (RIMA,AEROPA, etc.).

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